C++ Windows console application

We implemented our adaptive 1D CNN using C++ over MS Visual Studio 2013 in 64 bit. This is a non-GPU implementation; however, Intel OpenMP API is used to obtain multiprocessing with a shared memory.

The compiled executable file CNNTestApp.exe can be found in \CNN_APP\Release\. This C++ Windows console application is responsible for carrying out the forward- and back-propagation processes required for training and testing of 1D CNNs.

The application reads the CNN training and configuration parameters from the configuration file and runs the process of CNN training (or testing) on the data provided in the CDF files.

Important Notes:

  • For both CNN training and testing, CNNTestApp.exe requires two CDF files to be available in \CNN_APP\CDF_FILES\, which are: title_ID_train.cdf and title_ID_test.cdf. Each cdf file should at least include a single frame of data.

  • Some antivirus applications (like Avast for example) detect CNNTestApp.exe as a virus (false-positive). Please make sure to add the enitre folder to the exclusion list of your antivirus before running the application.

  • When you download the package, some browsers (like Google Chrome) misclassify CNNTestApp.exe as a suspicious file.

  • The application only supports Microsoft Windows.